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Chicken is not my style.
Name: Kris
Real Name: Wu Yi Fan
Alternative Spelling(s): 크리스, 吴亦凡
Date of Birth: November 6, 1990
Place of Birth: Guangzhou, China
Nationality: Chinese-Canadian
Genres: Korean Pop, Mandarin Pop
Occupation: Singer
Label: S.M. Entertainment
Active Years: 2011-present
Status: Inactive
Power: Flight
Kris - flight
Associated Acts: EXO
Affiliations: EXO member (formerly)
EXO-M member (formerly)
Autograph: [[image:{{{autograph}}}|50px|center|{{{autograph}}}]]

Wu Yifan (吴亦凡), also known as Kris Wu or Kris(크리스), was the leader and one of the main rappers of EXO-M. He has now gone solo and is better known as Wu Yifan.


  • (Former) Stage Name Kris (크리스)
  • Real Name Wu Yifan (吴亦凡)
  • Birth Name Li Jiaheng (李嘉恒)
  • Nicknames Galaxy hyung, Laxy hyung, Cold Guy, Krease, Fanfan
  • Blood Type O
  • Height 190 cm
  • Skills English, Cantonese
  • Super Power (Badge) Flight
  • Zodiac Sign Scorpio
  • Chinese Zodiac Sign Horse


Wu Yifan was born Li Jiaheng (Kevin Li) (Chinese: 李嘉恒; pinyin: Lǐ Jiāhéng; Jyutping: Lei5 Gaa1 Hang4) on November 6, 1990 (now age 26) in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China; Wu also holds Canadian citizenship. He attended Guangzhou No. 47 High School, Point Grey Secondary School and Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School in Vancouver, Canada and was the captain of the basketball teams for both schools. He would have pursued a professional career in basketball.

In 2007, at age 16, Wu auditioned for S.M. Entertainment's Canadian S.M. Global Auditions, which was held in Vancouver, British Columbia on October 14, 2007. He was attending Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School at the time of the casting. After passing the auditions, he moved to South Korea the following year and became an S.M. trainee. Prior to joining EXO, he made an appearance in an intermission video for the Girls' Generation Tour in 2011.

Wu was introduced as the eleventh member of Exo on February 17, 2012. He speaks fluent Cantonese, Mandarin, English, and Korean.

As of May 15, 2014, Kris has filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment to terminate his contract, which is based on a disagreement towards a disagreement with activities between himself and SM Entertainment. He has been inactive for EXO activities since his lawsuit and is currently working as a soloist in China.


Year Title Role
2014 Passion Heaven Xia Mu
2015 Somewhere Only We Know Ze Yang

Soundtrack appearances and solo performances

The following is the list of soundtrack/song appearances/participation made by Kris.

Song Artist(s) Album Year
"Say Yes" with Girls' Generation's Jessica and f(x)'s Krystal Make Your Move OST 2014
"Time Boils The Rain" Solo Tiny Times 3 OST 2014
"There is a Place" Solo Somewhere Only We Know OST 2014


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