Hey yo all users ~! Because I got bored of the Overdose picture to be the background for EVERY page, I decided to spruce up my userpage and talkpage as well as DearStupid's DearStupid's userpage and talkpage by adding our own wiki backgrounds.

Now, just in case you also get bored of your userpage/talkpage background, just talk:NTA65bz?action=edit&section=new message me! I will gladly accept requests as long as the pictures are APPROPRIATE and already uploaded to the wiki. I will not take requests that tell me to find the picture. Just go to new files then click "Upload" and then (on the picture's page you wish to use as a background) add {{UserImage}}, then message me. I WILL NOT accept any requests that are made here on this blog.

Thanks and happy editing ~!
Cover-overdose-exok 卐 NTA 卐 卐 EXOtic 卐 卐 OVERDOSE - The Second Mini-Album 卐 Cover-overdose-exom 03:06, July 10, 2014 (UTC)

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